Belize 2019 Part 1: Lay of the Land

One of the main things we're trying to teach our Well Rounded Travelers is to experience new locations with an open, unbiased mind to the maximum extent possible. We want them to grow up not only with a thirst for exploration and adventure, but also with a sense of their place in the world. By exploring new places and experiencing the breadth of what our planet has to offer, our hope is that they will understand that people and places are all special and should be cherished for their uniqueness.

 So, whenever we travel to a new area, we like to take stock of what is available before setting out to explore. For our inland time in Belize, the area was San Ignacio. Just and hour or so drive from PGIA, we rented a house on a hill in SI, right next to a Mayan site.

The home is owned by one of the local resorts (Midas Belize). Even though it's on the other side of town, we were still able to use the facilities at the highly rated resort. After a long day traveling from the Rocky Mountains, we had a nice local dinner at Midas, then headed over to the house.

ON the way Belize 2019 Adventure

We awoke early on day 1 of our trip ready to get a lay of the land. The beginning of a trip usually involves provisions, and Belize is no different. It was great for the kids to experience the local markets of San Ignacio, which are quite different from the chain supermarkets we're used to.

The house - Belize 2019 Adventure

Planning Belize 2019

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