• The 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander was recently unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show. It offers three powertrains and three grades, with options from entry level to efficiency to performance all in one incredible package.

  • The times, as they say, are changing. As we've seen in many recent articles over at Toyota Cruisers & Trucks - the exploring world is becoming electrified. Regardless of your preference for traditional internal combustion engines (ICE), more and more capable explorers are being electrified.

  • The release of the Hybrid Tundra, announcement of the Hybrid Sequoia, and new electric & Hybrid vehicles coming from Toyota as well as pretty much every other auto manufacturer has us thinking...

    While it's still early, companies like Rivian and Tesla (et al) are showing that there is a future in Exploring with Electrified Vehicles. 

    So our team thinks now would be a good time to gauge interest in a new publication "EV Adventure". 

    Sound like something you'd like to read? Click through and leave us a little info and we'll be in touch!

    Here's to a sustainable method of enjoying the outdoors!