Two Months with the Big Green Egg

Last summer our trusty propane grill, which has served us for more than 7 years, finally gave the ghost. There was a shovel full of dirt involved, it wasn't pretty.

So, what does a not-so-young man do? Buy a new propane grill? Invest in a smoker?

How about both!

 The Big Green Egg is a kamodo style smoker that can also act as a traditional charcoal grill. It uses all natural lump charcoal (no briquettes here) to very precisely smoke or grill your favorite foods.

My lovely better half had mentioned the Big Green Egg, but I always thought charcoal was too time intensive for our busy schedule. Luckily, a couple of friends swear by their eggs, and I once I got more information - the choice was clear.

So, on my 41st birthday, I got to assemble our Large BGE =)

Big Green Egg Initial Thoughts

After seasoning it properly, I smoked a pork shoulder. It was amazing, sorry, no pics of the first smoke.

For thanksgiving I thought a traditionally smoked turkey would be a good idea. It was.

Big Green Egg Initial Thoughts

This year Santa Clause brought me several accessories for the egg, including this pizza stone. I also have this Pizza Peel  on order so I can give the stone a try - very soon.

Big Green Egg Initial Thoughts

Today? My first brisket. Texas style. Follow us on Facebook for a sneak peek at how it goes =)

Two months later, I'm about 8 meals in on the Big Green Egg - and I'm 100% sold. Whether you choose the BGE, a Kamodo, or other type of hybrid grill/smoker - lose the gas, learn a bit, and start cooking!

Big Green Egg Initial Thoughts